Saturday, March 21, 2009

Judges 6-7

Day 80 was the last day of spring break, we woke up at 7;30, jumped out of bed and ran out the door to the city to try and watch one of Dusty's nieces at the statewide pig show.  Missed her but had fun.   Back home, kids are in bed and NOW......I'm afraid JJ's sick!  He said himself (without me even asking) that his throat hurt and he hasn't really eaten or drank anything alllll day. Poor thing! So......medicine for him!!! ARGH!!!  

Judges 6  So Gideon uses his wits and only 300 men to might and face off with the Midiante hordes!!!  After he secretly threshes his grain harvest in the winepress, he uses a surprise attack! But, in truth, never forget that the victory is GOD'S!!!  

Judges 7  I thought the part about how they drank their water was very interesting and why it was important.  My new little "Bible Handbook" (much easier to read than my seminary commentaries!) says that they men who scoop up the water and lap it from their hands are MORE ALERT (because of their position) to danger than those who kneel!! INTERESTING!!!!  Now you know why not to lap up your water like a dog!! :)  Be alert!! :)  

Tomorrow:  Judges 8-9

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  1. Very interesting! Hope everyone is better tomorrow! ysm