Thursday, March 19, 2009

Judges 1-2

Day 78.....missed yesterday...WAY TOO SICK in bed!!!  ERP!!!!

SoI assume you read the end of Joshua. Today we've begun  Judges...they've mutilated soldiers by cutting off their thumbs and toes.  OUCH!!  I guess that is what you call "hand to hand" combat!  In chapter 1 the Israelites were trying to finish off the Canaanites but they didn't quite get rid of them.  I can tell you now......this is going to be trouble!!!  They were supposed to do away with them they are going to be tempted to worship their gods and their idols.  They will be influenced by them even though they were living there as slaves.  Not a good thing. 

Look at chapter even says that the whole generation forgot to tell their own children about the power of God and how He saved their forefathers.   Verses we have it...they served other gods (Baal) and did evil in the Lord's eyes.   Here we go....its the beginning of the end!!  We have to teach our children about God and what he does for us!!!! They must know!!!!  They aren't going to learn by osmosis...they have to be taught!!!  Lesson learned: teach our children and grandchildren about God and who He is to you and for you!!! The commands of the Lord are to be upon our hearts!!  

Tomorrow:  Judges 3-5

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