Monday, March 16, 2009

Joshua 16-18

Day 75

sick.  going to bed.  been at doctor with Hannalee for 2 hours!  She's sick.  I'm sick.   Yes!! 2 hours it took to get looked at for 5 minutes and get meds! ARGH!!  The boys are off to walmart for us while we nap.  

Chapters 16-18  ...not much new.   keep reading though!!  We'll get to some new material in a couple of days.  Then next thing you know we'll be reading Judges and Joshua will end.   land conquered.  land divided.  there.  ;)  

to bed for rest!! so sorry!!  

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  1. We are soooo sorry that our leader is very take good care of yourself and that "presh" baby!!! Get well quick!!!WML~YFA