Sunday, March 29, 2009

1 Samuel 4-8

Day 88

Well now...THAT was some snow!!!! I'm headed back to Weatherford today! Finally. I've missed my kids and hubby!! But I got TONS of pictures in their books.....about 70 pages....35 in each book...give or take! :)

1 Samuel 4-8 Here's the rundown so far......Hannah grieved and Hannah sang (chapter 1); we had the scandal of Eli's sons (chapter 2); Samuel finally heard and answered God's call (chapter 3); and now....oh the Philistines!!! They seized the Ark (4:1-11) and the shocking news literally kills Eli (4:12-22). Now, the Philistines think THEIR god is this Dagon guy and that he has given them victory of a "trophy"...its really the ark of the covenant and even their "god" Dagon bows down his face in worship. Then, the next day the figure of Dagon is dismembered and then God's power breaks out of the temple and falls upon the people in the form of plagues. Every time they move the ark more plagues break out and the diseases spread and spread. Do you think they'll get the picture yet?? After this happens for 7 months, the Philistines have had enough already! The religious leaders advise the Ark's return....but they do it in a way to see if it's really Israel's GOD that is doing all of this. The cows aren't trained to go in a certain direction and they are expected to stay with their calves. But rather, they take off for the border like they had been in a yoke a million times before and they head right to the Israelites country. The ark is returned and there is rejoicing......but not for the 70 who look inside the ark...even Israel is still called to be humble and not overstep their ground with God! Chapter 7 gives us Samuel ruling as a judge after 20 years of being reverent to the Lord and actually worshipping only him.
Saul will become the first King even after the people have been warned as to what he will do to them and how they will be treated by the king. So God says to Samuel....fine...appoint them a king. Boy...THIS is going to get interesting!! Hang on for tomorrow!

Lessons learned: be careful what you ask for! :)

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