Saturday, March 7, 2009

Deuteronomy 21-23

Day 66

We went and saw Sesame Street Live last night!!! It was great!! The opening song kept JJ absolutely mesmerized!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was so excited to see all of the "friends!!" The show was a "go green" theme....cute but got a little long towards the end and a tad over their heads, but we had fun! We bought an Elmo balloon whose eyes alone are bigger than your hands and all together twice the size of Hannalee. 

So we are in Weatherford. Meme is giving Hannalee a bath....along with JJ and cousin Skylar helping!! Not sure who is really getting the bath!! :) 

Chapter 21 I guess this is the biblical version is CSI....what to do in the case of an unsolved mystery.....basically make atonement. Okay...feeling a little lost commentary (the real ones, the "big" ones....are at home!) So....feeling lost without them! But the elders and the priests are to make atonement for the body found laid slain. They are to use an unworked and unused heifer to make the atonement. The priests and elders are to do this so as to purge themselves from the guilt....they did not commit the crime! We also have different laws here about marrying a captive woman, the right of the firstborn and a rebellious son. The laws (although they seem like a long list of more "thou shall nots") they really are to help them live a distinct and purposeful life.....set apart from those who worship "gods." They are to be set apart and different from the cultures around them. God's purpose to help create a people who belong soley (souly?!) to God and God alone. Their actions will reveal their loyalty and love! Who they are as a people is to be lived out in life and faith...not just to be who they are because of their birthrights.

Chapter 22 The laws here are to remind the people are protecting their family life. These laws address the relationship between husband and wife. From the beginning, God decrees the bond between husband and wife is the foundation of the family. It should be honored and guarded above all else! A lesson we all need to remember and learn and set aside time for!!! 

Chapter 23 Keeping clean is part of personal hygiene in order to prevent plagues!! If you're dirty, you'll get the plague....OR God will send it upon you for lack of obedience. God is in the details here I think. Loving His people and giving them laws to show that He exists, that He notices them, that He hasn't forgotten them and has a plan for them. Just like us. He is in our details! He loves us, notices us, cares for us, and has great and might plans for us to worship Him and give Him the glory!! 

Tomorrow: 24-27

Come, Holy Spirit, Come................

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