Saturday, March 28, 2009

1 Samuel 1-3

Day 87

The snow has just now made it to Tulsa.....huge flakes and a real soft snow. so far.

Katie read the Bible with me this morning.....Jamie overheard us.....Jamie thinks I need to make a CD to read it aloud....she was enjoying "my version" of the Bible reading! Ha! :)

Chapter 1-3 hi....That was from Katie!! :) The quick version for today............Israel it wanting a king like the other nations...remember, all throughout Judges it said, "there was no king at this time." Well, there is about to be king....only because they have whined and bothered God to give them one. So here comes Samuel as the last and final judge and Saul is going to get appointed as their first king. In these chapters Hannah prays for a son and is given one. She dedicates him, Samuel, to the Lord and offers up a prayer. The house of Eli is in big trouble and Samuel has to be told to answer the Lord when he calls him. I loved that part. How often do we miss the Lord calling straight out to us? Listen today for him. He calls you and loves you.

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