Monday, March 23, 2009

Judges 10-12

Day 81

Okay......I"ve still been reading......just missed another blogging day!!  JJ is sick still and we are off to the doctor at 10:45!!!!!  Thank goodness!!!!  He hasn't eaten but twice since Friday night!!!!!  OH MY!!!!   

Judges 10  Tola and Jair are just two "judges" of Israel.   These two leaders were not military leaders...there was no war during their time.  

Judges 11    Jephthah made a might vow!!!!   He obviously didn't really understand how God works!!!    The human sacrifice was what they were used to with the"heathen" gods.   He was ignorant about the vow he made, but he did do it in good faith with his heart.  He kept his word even though it cost him his daughter.  How do we understand a God that allows this to happen?  How do we make sense of this?   I think after doing some reading, we have to keep in mind the times.  We have to keep the Bible stories in their their time period.  The people were in the midst of instability, trying to establish community, trying to figure out who they are as the people of God and everyone else in the world is against them because of who they are.  They  are never to be seen as role models.  Their stories are recorded and not to be glorified obviously.  BUT!! We do learn from their faith and their courage.  We aren't completely clear and sure as to what really happened to his daughter.    But she probably died.  But she would rather give her life than her father break his vow to God!  OH MY!!!!!!!

Judges 12  Not much to say about these judges...the donkeys are noted though.  This shows a sense of wealth.  Horses were not common during these times....and won't be until the time of Solomon who imports them from Egypt!  Remember.......Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem.  Not because of HIS wealth but because of his humility and grace!!!

Lessons learned:   live with faith and courage; keep vows you reasonable though!  

tomorrow:  we might be back to a normal and well schedule around Judges 13-15!

Love you all!!!!!!!

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