Friday, February 6, 2009

Leviticus 14-15

Day 37

If you ever get a chance to  watch the video series called "iMarriage"  do!  It's great!   Talks about putting expectations on our mate versus sharing with them our desires and dreams and working to make them come true and fulfilled!  Such a freeing way of marriage! :)  Its starts out by asking... "what does your spouse owe you?"  The answer...NOTHING.   I wrote in my notes that it is my responsibility to reflect God's love to Dusty.  And that we are to submit (gulp!)  --just kidding-- submit to one another out of reverence for Christ!  And that God's demonstrated love for me is my spouse! I love you, honey!!!    

Chapter 14 Forget the anti-biotics....forget the Lysol....not even antibacterial soap is helping today.  Get out the hyssop.  :)  Hyssop is an old herb that they were supposed to use to clean with.  The only other time there is a use of hyssop to "clean" with is when the Israelites were to sprinkle blood on the door frame in Egypt (Ex. 12:22).   So there is all of this cleaning going on.  But they need two birds.  One is going to die --so as to be "dead to the world" and represents the uncleanness of the leprosy and the person who has it.  And one bird will be let go so as to show that that person is freed from their disease and can return to their normal life and can participate in the community of God again.   Remember the smearing of the blood from earlier chapters?  The act of smearing the blood on the right ear, right thumb and right big toe was done to reflect an inclusive claim on a person's total body.  It indicated that every area of one's life was affected by the atonement.    More cleaning from mildew too!  The mildew must  be inspected by the priest.  If you touch, you're unclean.  If you sit on it, you're unclean.  Purify it all with the bird's blood.  

Chapter 15  Bodily discharge and menstruation.  There's something for everyone in the Bible. Don't let anyone ever tell you any different!  Who knew it was such a medical guide?!   These laws are here merely for guidelines on hygiene.  They didn't have Oprah and Dr. Oz telling them to clean themselves and how to do it!  

All of this to bring home the point that uncleanness will defile the Lord's dwelling place which is among them!  Enter into God's presence....cleanly! :)


  1. Can you explain why they were unclean until evening. I don't understand. Thanks!!!

  2. Glad you asked. I wrote a follow up post after reading a few more things! :)

  3. Glad you asked. I wrote a follow up post after reading a few more things! :)