Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Leviticus 5-7

Day 34

I love doing this! Why can't I be this dedicated to exercising again?! I hope you are all still reading along with me! I think you are! :) So come on...let's get started! Be sure to look at new pictures below of the tabernacle!

Chapter 5 Do this. Don't do that. Eat this. Don't eat that. Touch this. Don't touch that. Here we have rules for healthy living. And if you disobey the healthy rules....you will be guilty and have sinned. You will get salmonella. Okay...the Bible doesn't say that, but God was trying to protect the people from diseases long before the FDA came along! :) And sometimes you might be aware of your sin and sometimes you might not. But when you become aware of it, THEN you will be guilty! Depending on your economic status you will have to offer a lamb to pay the penalty. If you can't afford a lamb, you'll have to offer 2 doves or 2 young pigeons. One for a sin offering and the other for a burnt offering. The lamb is big enough to use for both offerings. The birds require 2! There is also a guilt offering that is for offenses against God and the community. Not only must you make an offering here, but also pay restitution that goes with the sacrifice! The first part of this chapter (v. 1-10) are offerings for "accidental" or unintentional sins. Verse 14-19 are offerings for violations of the Lord's holy things! You must remain clean before God -- and you'll receive His protection--that is a benefit of sticking to his rules!

Chapter 6-7 Okay...I had to do a double take on this one too!! Didn't we JUST have these offerings in the first chapters? These are similar to the offerings in the previous chapter but the emphasis is different. The first section (Lev. 1-6) is mainly concerned with the worshipper. Then the rest of chapter 6 and 7 are about the priests. The people's actions are affected by those of the priests!

Lesson's learned: we must give never ending, high quality service to God! The fire on the altar must always be kept burning....as sign of dedication and consecration to the Lord! This is to be daily relationship....not a random, occasional one. Make it a habit to serve the Lord daily. Don't let it wear you out...the fire is to be kept burning as a sign of God's hope! Worshipping God never ends...not even at night time when the sanctuary is closed and the candles are blown out! Devote yourselves to God with hope...not exhaustion!

Amen? Amen!!

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