Friday, June 5, 2009

Job 11-13

Day 154

well, JJ and Aiden were playing in the water yesterday---- they played in the sprinklers, JJ made mud, the hose, some water sticks...then they were eating lunch (a picnic of course!) JJ was sitting across from Aiden and then moved over to the other side to sit NEXT to him.  Then he put his arm around Aiden and said, "you're my best friend.  I love you!" Kristi and I were nearly in tears!!! It was precious!!!!! 

I see I started this at 8:30....its now 4:42.   Where does the day go???!  :)

Chapter 11 Zophar joins in and his words are the harshest of all.  He has no patience with Job's irreverant talk.  Does Job think himself innocent?  God is letting him down lightly.  Job must put away his sin then God will restore him.  Everything is black and white to Zophar.  He doesn't doubt that his position is right.  yet he hits the mark when he asks "can you fathom the mystery of God?"  for it is in these  terms that God will answer Job.  Not chapter 38-42.  Keep reading! :)  And then Job will be satisfied.  

Chapter 12-13  Job begins another response and has been so stung by the words of his friends that he has resorted to sarcasm!   I can't imagine why, though?!! :)  His friends are not the only ones who can work things out.  God is all wise, all powerful.  If he turns the norms of wisdom and justice upside-down.  What can anyone do about it?!  Job's experience gives the lie to the arguments of his friends.  HE will put his case to God directly and God will acquit him.   

Aren't we glad God is on our side......amen!!!  

time for a city wide garage sale's "Route 66 Days" here this weekend.....time to go junking!! :)  

tomorrow:   14-16

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