Monday, June 22, 2009

Psalms 40-45

Day 161

I'm dragging myself to the computer today.......I'm not bored with reading the Bible, I"m just not doing us much justice in the commentary part lately!!  SO SORRY!!!!   But here we go......gotta blog!!   

Psalm 40 and 41 finished the first book.  Psalm 40 is a random composite psalm.  VV 1-11 are a thanksgiving, but then vv 12-17 are a lament.  Perhaps these had been two different pieces and independent of each other and then combined to make one liturgy.  This is also almost identical to Psalm 70.

Psalm 41  a prayer for healing from sickness...a lament.  The psalmist is mortally ill with enemies who are glad of it....even a dear friend has become an enemy.  This psalm you can sing! :)  

Psalm 42-43  a prayer for healing in preparation for a pilgrimage (a lament)!  These two psalms are a single lyric consisting of threes stanzas with a refrain.

Psalm 44 this psalm is prompted by a  disastrous defeat....its a national lament.  Israel is bewildered....after all the stories of God's amazing actions in their early history and their complete reliance on him and now this!!!  God had deserted them  and they are disgraced and cannot understand why.   Notice the switch from "me" and "my".....a single voice that is perhaps the high priest leading them in prayer.

Psalm 45  This was a song for a royal wedding.   King Ahab of Israel was marrying Jezebel, the princess from Tyre.  

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