Friday, June 26, 2009

Psalm 63-69

Day 163

Psalm 63  This is  personal lament......a personal prayer for deliverance from personal enemies.  Some call it a song of trust.  the Psalmist's almost mystical delight in God's presence nearly obscures any sense of need for personal security.  Have you ever been so thirsty and without water that it is almost scary about where/when you might a  drink?  that raging thirst is a metaphor for the desperate need for God's presence in our life.  Trust Him and praise Him.

Psalm 64  Another lament.  all will fear God and eventually, one day, all creation  will bow before God praising his supremacy and works.

Psalm 65 God provides.  The wonder of God's bountiful provision is the them of this joyful praise!  Finally...NOT a lament! :)  God sends His blessing on the land and there is a thanksgiving for a good harvest.  

Psalm 66-67 a liturgy of praise and thanksgiving......a hymn in praise of God's might and his care for his people.

Psalm 68  a parade in the psalms.....a festival celebration in the temple.  Not just a parade for fun, but an exciting event that is a tangible expression of the Hebrews heartfelt worship of the King of glory!

Psalm 69   after a long list of sufferings, David prays to God.  He prays for deliverance...he has no where else to turn and knows that God will answer his prayer in divine timing!  

tomorrow:  70-73

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