Saturday, June 27, 2009

Psalm 70-73

Day 164

t-48 hours to leaving for the cabin! wahooooooooooo! 

Psalm 70  "Hasten"   = HURRY!! There is a urgent call for help!   It's not so much a frantic call for help, but rather a proclamation  of his faith that God will help and deliver is on the way!

Psalm 71   a prayer in old age...."even when I am old."  at the end of a long and troubled life, there is still no let up and trouble has schooled the psalmist in trust!  Nothing can make him despair.  As long as God is with him, the future is full of hope.

Psalm 72    Now this one was funny and Dusty cracked me up....verse 6, our versions read "he will be like rain falling down on a mown field."  Dusty -- they mowed the grass back then??!   that cracked us up!  But it does show that times were good.....if the grass weren't growing and there wasn't rain....the lawn wouldn't need mowing.  So, the king and his nation were prospering.  How do we know that ?  Because the lawn needed mowing! :)  ha!!!  
Psalm 73  The beginning of book more psalms from David......King David has appointed several Levites to be music ministry leaders. Asaph is one them and he writes many of psalms to come.  

tomorrow:   74-77

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