Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Psalms 1-8

Day 158

The psalms!! I love them!! We'll be reading them for quite awhile....get ready!!!   I can't wait to keep track of my favorite ones!!!  This should be a fun book to read. The Psalms are the timeless hymns of ancient Israel that were collected into 5 books:
Book 1   Psalms 1-41
Book 2   Psalms 42-72
Book 3   Psalms 73-89
Book 4   Psalms 90-106
Book 5   Psalms 107-150

We'll read everything in the psalms...from the joy and glory to the doom and gloom.  The Psalms will  cry out for us and worship with us.  We'll love their depth and relish in the faith found there.  Some are hymns, in praise of God's character.  Some are laments of a community crying out from a national disaster.  Some are of loyalty and the king.  All are about God's glorious power and might; his steadfast love; his justice; his love.

Psalm 1  this psalm starts us off with pointing us towards wisdom....the way to happiness.  Our lesson here:  true happiness comes from pleasing God!  There is another path to choose from, but it is the path that leads to doom.

Psalm 2   The Lord   has power to put his own king on the throne....pointing to the coming Messiah!!  

Psalm 3 This is a cry to God in a time of danger

Psalm 4   an evening prayer of inner peace......trusting in God sets mind and body at rest

Psalm 5  prayer at first light.....this appeals to the God who loathes every semblance of evil....This is the God we worship and serve.

Psalm 6 a cry of anguish.....David is sick at heart......disturbed in mind and ill in body.  The pslamist pleads with God for his life and is assured of God's answer

Psalm 7  Refuge in God.....David sang this song because of Cush the Benjaminite.  The psalmist casts himself on God, knowing his cause his just.  He calls on God to clear his name, to suppor the right and break the wicked.  

Psalm 8   David marvels that God not only bothers about "mere mortals" but has set them oer all other creature.  The psalm ends as it began...with a refrain of praise to God!

Praise God today.......

tomorrow:  playing catch up....lots of reading.....9-20

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