Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Job 5-7

Day 152

Snakes and Sonic!!!!

Well...we just killed a SNAKE!! And I mean a big one!!!!!!  Dusty chopped him into pretty darn good!!!   It was on the back porch....the SECOND time we saw him.  First time was at the overhead garage door.....I was hoping to take a run over him with the big ol' Jeep Commander.  But alas, he went and hid in the back somewhere.   We warned JJ about him, looked for him and then low and behold, a few hours later, there he was!  Then tonight we got  our free root beer floats from Sonic.  Not that we love them, it just is what you's free, its summer time and its a float!! I else can you "eat" small town America and summer in one bite?!! :)  Okay...of course with watermelon, corn on the cob, fried okra, fried squash too....THAT is how you EAT summer!! :)  YUMMERS!!!!  You can still get your free float...til midnight...Anywhere, USA that has a Sonic!!!   It was good....but the idea and the evening was better!  :)  

Chapter 5  Eliphaz is still a talking and rambling on...remember.....Job hasn't asked for his advice.  :)   Eliphaz thinks he has a "cure" ....he's convinced that Job has sinned and this is his punishment.  Eliphaz is very black-and-white in his thinking and his conclusions for Job's suffering are far off base!  He thinks Job just needs to repent and seek God's mercy.  While Eliphaz's assumptions about what God is up to in Job's life is wrong, he does highlight a wonderful truth about being God's child.  He does discipline us, to turn us back to him.  To be called by him. To be used by him.  God desires to draw us close to his side to walk in joy with us.  His joy awaits you!!!!!  Go get it!!!   Receive it!!!  

Chapter 6-7   Job finally gets a word in with Eliphaz and responds.......if I were at the end of my rope and a friend told me to be patient......I would not heed that advice....not helpful!!  Job is at the point that he wants to cease to exist.  His friends have failed to show sympathy when he needed it most.  He had literally done nothing to deserve the suffering.  And is life is a succession of pain-filled days and sleepless nights.  Job turns to God and pours out his hear to him...his fear, his longing for death...Why won't God leave him alone?  If sin is the trouble, why won't he forgive???  The reason...because that isn't what is going on ....its not about sinning, its about being faithful to God. Period.  In all that he suffers and experiences, Job is true to God.  THAT is a HUGE lesson.  Even when weakened by circumstances.....we can still remain true and faithful to our Lord and Savior....and NOT blame him.   Love Him. Adore Him.  Glorify Him. 

tomorrow:  Job 8-10

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