Thursday, June 4, 2009

Job 8-10

Day 153

today's goal:  blog before 10:00pm!!! :)  

chapter 8 Nothing like another friend to throw salt into Job's wounds!!!  Eliphaz was a little gentler on Job and now Bildad keeps accusing him in the same manner that Eliphaz did....he isn't righteous enough.  He thinks the only way for Job to get out of his pain is to beg for God's forgiveness.  What none of the people are realizing, except for us, is that God knows exactly why these things are happening to test him and his faithfulness to the Lord! It's like watching a play and God and Satan had the conversation in chapter 1 off stage and we are the only ones that got to overhear the conversation.   

chapter 9-10  Job finally gets another word in......HOW COULD GOD DO THIS?  is his response!  Job does believe in the "just-ness" of God but his own case will not square with his own belief.  God has condemned an innocent man.  Job goes from stating and proclaiming that God is superior and just and almighty...but then wants to "square off" with him and his supreme power and authority over the universe.  Job is fantasizing about going up against God in a court of law.   As misguided as Job is, God has long foreseen and arranged to fulfill Job's desire for a mediator who will bridge the gap between himself and the Almighty!!!   Through faith in Christ, the Mediator, we are all forgiven of sin and  reconciled to God!  

tomorrow:  11-13

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