Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Job 40-42

Day 158

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! :)  I've been away from the computer for so long that I had to click 3 times on "new post!"  The reunion was great......we had a very good time and JJ had a blast!  He ran barefoot in the water and dirt and grass and mud all weekend!!  He thought it was heaven!!    We were a little hot down in the canyon but had a breeze now and then.  Our A frame "cabin" (a slight upgrade from a tent!)  was HOT....but luckily we had 3-4 box fans in it and that helped circulate some air.  

so...elihu had his tirade after being silent throughout the whole book...not speaking and only listening as a bystander and holding back out of deference for his elders.  He could bear it no longer and blurted out...

Chapter 36  God is almighty, all wise.

Chapter 37 God is great and commands the thunder and lightning, rain, and snow.  

Chapter 38 & 39  God answers and responds to Job.....where were you when I made the world?  What did Job know about the creature that God created?  Can he tame them like God?  

Chapter 40-41   is Job God's equal,that he calls him to book and questions his justice? Job's reaction is the climax of the book.....Job now realizes that he had been dabbling in things beyond his understanding, totally out of his depths.  Before, he had gone to hearsay:  now he has seen God for himself, as he longed to do.  There is now no question of putting his case:  seeing God is enough!  His questions remain unanswered (isn't it always that way?!) but he is satisfied..it is unthinkable that this God could ever let him down or act inconsistently.  He can trust, where he does not understand.  And that is the lesson of Job.....to accept what comes....God IS in control! 

Chapter 42   God has taken Job to task for his reaction to suffering, but his integrity is beyond question.  Job's good name is as clear as his conscience.  It is the three friends who have been wrong.  Job's was an honest search for truth.  Job accepts his suffering and is restored beyond measure with friends and family and fortune and lives a long life to enjoy it all!   If we would all be so faithful and blessed.   

Tomorrow!! Psalms 1-8

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