Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Job 24-28

Day 156

We've been having fun with Katie here.  She is VERY helpful and loves to play with the kids.  She's great with Hannalee.....she feeds her, dresses her, and will even change a POOPY diaper!!  Is this what having a nanny is like?! :)  ha!  And yes, I'll post pictures tomorrow of Hannalee's baby dedication at church.  It was precious and she was happy the whole time.  She waved at all 700 people and just giggled and smiled....she thought she was on parade!  We are blessed to be parents to both children and have promised to raise them both in a Godly Christian home.   We are even more grateful that all of our parents were there and even my best friend from college.  

Chapter 24  Job is crying out for a swift resolution to the injustice that he is suffering.  Everyone wants God's timing to be their timing, don't we?!  It is so very hard to wait for him to act when everything within us is screaming for an end to the pain.  But throughout the story of God, from Genesis to Revelation, God's timing is perfect....PERFECT.   Trust me...I was 34 before I got married!!  God's timing!! :)  

chapter 25   I am but a worm!!!! This speech of Bildad's is only 6 verses long.  He finally just gets to the point doesn't he...humans are worms!  Not a pretty picture at all. But right in that no human can be righteous on his or her own.  But poor Bildad...he never knew Jesus! Thank goodness we do, amen?!  We are declared righteous through his blood and we won't have to be "worms" again!  Christ died for all...worms included! :)   

Chapter 26  -27   Here, Job is swearing his innocence and interrupts Bildad .  Job then continues to speak of God's power, to the end of the chapter.  In the created universe, we catch a glimpse of God's dynamic power.  But who can think to comprehend that power in all its fullness?  As Job continued, his friends had wanted him to deny his integrity, but Job will not perjure himself.  So many difficult things here in these chapters to interpret,  with many a bewildering thing in these speeches....painful ironies and telling the truth!  

Chapter 28  We aren't sure WHO is speaking in this chapter....Job or the author?   It doesn't say but the heart of Job's problem is how to understand the inscrutable ways of God.  No miner can uncover a vein of wisdom and all the wealth in the world will not buy it.  Only God knows where to find it.  We become wise though reverence for God and by rejecting evil.  

tomorrow:   29-31

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