Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Job 1-4

Day 151  I know......I missed Esther.  

Job!!  Poor, poor Job!     Such many and great lessons I think we will learn from him.  He is plagued by adversity from the beginning of the book!  Job is a righteous man, yet one catastrophe after another wreaks havoc on his life!!!!   After Satan and God have a nice little conversation about Job, we see pieces of the puzzle of Job's life that he cannot see......he is unaware that God has complete  faith and trust in him to be tempted by Satan.  We will learn that, unfortunately, bad things do happen to good people....but even in suffering, God is sovereign!  

Chapter 1 Job's first test is one nightmare after another.  His servants were put to the sword; fire fell from the sky and burned up his sheep; the camels were carried off; the house collapsed with all of his children inside......all Job's faithful response???  He tore off his robe and cried out!!!  AND what did he cry out???  PRAISE TO GOD!!!!!!!!    He never cursed the Lord with wrongdoing...not once...not even in his heart!!!  God knew he wouldn't!

Chapter 2  A second test.......his wife was ready for Job to denounce God so that he would be put out of his misery.  She maybe was even a temptress....she had a role in trying to help Satan derail from his faithfulness.  And then we have 3 his three friends!  They weep and morn with him for 7 days!

Chapter 3  Job speaks finally and cries out and his response to his suffering is WHY!!?????   Five times in this chapter he asks why.  See where they are......vs. 11, 12, 16, and 20, 23. 

Chapter 4  So....I had this typed....and the electricity  went off.......but here's Eliphaz.....when bad things happen to good people we want to try and make sense of it...we want to reason it out.  Job's friend, Eliphaz, is the first to offer help.....never mind the fact that he never asked for help! :)   He is claiming to speak on behalf of God when he counsels Job.  He is well meaning but in the face of unexplainable suffering, we can humbly admit that we do not know all that is in God's mind!  

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