Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nehemiah 12-13

Day 150

Ah Saturday mornings....the sun is coming through the blinds, Hannalee was up a bit ago...her daddy rescued her from the crib! :)  And of course I'm up and ready to go walk at the park...but who is not up yet...JJ of all people!!   I"m dressed and ready for all of us to go....he's not.   And he doesn't wake up good.  He wakes up grumpy and starving....ready to eat honey and bread!!!  We might not make it out the door!  We'll see.......until then I"ll blog! :)   We've finished Nehemiah!  Tadaaaaaaa!

Chapter 12  another list ......this is of the priests and Levites from two different time periods....a master list of 21 households followed in each case by the name of that head of house. The dedication of the city wall is told in first person narrative. Dusty noticed that last week as we were reading....most of this book has been in first person "I".....a nice change of pace and flow to the reading.  The community  together had achieved their goal of re-building the wall....God made them rejoice!!  The time for dedication of the walls was also a time of rededication to God:  "This is our God forever and ever."  Celebration is more than making a lot of noise or even reading thanks to God.  It is also a time for witness and praise, in which the community shares its experience with those who are far away. some say that Psalm 147 was written for the dedication of the restored all of Jerusalem.  Read it and see what YOU think! :)   Did you notice the new pics??  Scroll all the way down to see them.  

Chapter 13  Then comes along Tobiah!!!  Good grief!!  The misuse of the temple already!   Nehemiah has been judge over Judah for 12 years and continues to encourage the Israelites to stay true to God.  In the meantime, he returns to the king in Persia and then travels back to Jerusalem only to discover that the people have already reverted in their ways......back to ignoring God.  The people's greed has put their work into overtime and Nehemiah is mad!  The sabbath had been established for good reason and with focus their relationship on the covenant with God.  But the people violate it and God!!!  Lucky for us, today we live under the covenant of grace.....we are to concentrate on God everyday!   And then, out of love, we are to CHOOSE to set aside time to worship the Lord!   Nehemiah prayed that God would remember him with favor and remember everything for good.   This was his only hope!  

Remember me with favor, O my God!!!

tomorrow:  Esther 1-5

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