Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 Chron 2-5

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Hannalee was up at 8:00   9:00 and 11...then at 4 and6:30..........cna you say TEETH???

more later.....checkew b  ac k around noonish .........

so I see that noon came and went........BUT!! I got a nap so that's good!!!   I can also tell that Hannalee was sitting on my lap this morning while I tried to type! :)  I see sunshine outside!  But I know...its gonna be MUGGY!!!   

chapters 2-5   Preparations for the building the temple express a number the themes ....one being that God is great....that is reflected in the grandeur of the furnishings and accessories of the temple.....gold and bronze...all of the finest things are used....they are to be great.  The Lord's greatness is reflected in the Temple..it has to be great!!!  This temple is to communicate the theology of God......His greatness.  The magnificenece of the Temple was to be only a relative reflection of God's greatness.  The Lord was near, yet also enthroned beyond the stars.  All of a sudden and 3 ch apters later, the temple is completed.  They work is done, they have a dedication and 120 priests play trumpets and a choir praises God...the glory of the Lord fills the temple...as it should! ;)  God majesty is beyond comprehension.....He is too holy to be viewed with human eyes, but He gives the Israelites a glimpse of His artistic majesty and glory.  Now...God's glory comes to fill, not our temples, but our lives with the power of His Son's holy spirit on earth.  The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being!  Amen??  AMEN!!

tomorrow:  6-8  

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