Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1 Chron 12-14

Day 126

No news really.....been going to water aerobics you know.....been counting Weight Watchers points too......gotta loose Hannalee baby fat! She's 10 months tomorrow!!!  So far I'm down 12 pounds!!!!   Bunches to go, but its a start!!!!!  :)  

Chapter 12  David gets some friends to help him out.   Warriors...friends.....either way they are there to support him and they are varied and skilled...they even defect from other armies to pledge their allegiance to him.  When David sees others coming, instead of attacking them without cause, he first asks them their purpose. (Always good to do with our friends too.....ask what's your purpose --what do you need, how can I help you--instead of assuming what they need/want and attacking them.......get the facts first.  Like David, do your friends come in peace or do they come to betray you?  Be sure you know who is who!!!  One group affirmed David and God and said in verse 18, "we are yours , David. May peace come to you and all those who join you, for we know that God is the power behind your success."  Who is the power behind YOUR success?  Who do you owe it all to?  I hope you say God.  In Him we live and move and have our being!!!  King David and his loyal army are joyous (are YOUR friends joyous?!)  and armed for battle....this should remind us that we are to joyous and armed for battle until Jesus comes back!   Be devoted, servers, and willing to follow!!!

Chapter 13  DON'T-- EVER--TOUCH--THE--ARK.....EVEN IF IT'S GOING TO FALL OFF THE OX CART!!! Uzzah taught everyone  this lesson with his life!!  OH MY!!  David even became afraid of God in moving the ark, so he just left it with someone else for 3 months.  But hey!!! They were blessed while it was in their presence. Isn't that how it should be???   With God in our presence we are blessed....we are!!  We need to find Him, look for Him and seek Him....He's there.....recognize it!!!  I've been praying about prayer partners and a prayer ministry with of the questions would be "Where have you seen the face of God this week?"   I can always and easily say, in my my creation.....but God is so much more than that.  How has God worked in my life this week?   How have I failed to see that this week??  Just a few questions for thought.......

Chapter 14      Old Testament times put great value on many children (glad I live in the year 2009!)  :)  I love my children....but we're done!!! ;)  But why did God allow David's behavior with so many wives??  We can't be certain but we do know that God doesn't value the polygamy, but the children are listed as a blessing. (1 Chro. 3:1-9).  In the long run, David defeats the Philistines and his fame spread throughout the land!  

tomorrow:   15-17

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