Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 Chron 28-31

Day 139

Bunco....such a silly, mindless, easy game that makes you laugh at loud....okay...the game didn't make us laugh out loud....the people did!! We had fun.  Don't you love to hear other people having a good time and laughing so hard they cry??!   Even if you don't know what its about...its great!  

Chapter 28   This King Ahaz is pretty much what not to do and how not to live.  He imitates idol worship and ways of life that are part of the pagan surrounding nations.  He becomes so corrupt that he throws his own sons into the sacrificial fire!  The Lord will only tolerate this wickedness for so long before acting.  God gives Ahaz over to the forces of the king of Aram and the king from Israel.  Ahaz's army suffered great loss in that 120,000 men were killed in one day.  Then Obed the prophet admonishes the victorious army and sends the prisoners of women and children back.  Lesson learned:  God wants His followers to excercise the same kindness and compassion.  I've met some people who will be kind to your face and talk about you behind your back....that's not the kindness needed here.  :)   We are to be truly kind and make a considerate effort to better one another's lives....to help one other out...not put one another down; especially in terms of justice.

Chapter 29 So Ahaz was the pagan and Hezekiah comes in to clean out the temple.  It was Ahaz own son that reversed everything that he had done.  Hezekiah reverses the evil trend by opening the temple's doors and calling the people to God.  Hezekiah makes an intentional decision to follow the Lord....even in the midst of pagan cultures and evil around him...he CHOOSE to follow God.  We have the choice too!  

Chapter 30  All of Israel decided to celebrate the Passover....amazing that this was the first passover celebrated since Solomon dedicated the new temple well over 2 centuries earlier!!  The priests rededicated their lives  and the people participated in ferverant prayer.  Everyone is filled with joy for the 7 days of the Passover celebration and  wanted to party on for 7 more days!!  So they did!!

Chapter 31   The people decided it was time to rid the surrounding communities of pagan altars and high places.  They go back to their homes, rededicated and joyful in the Lord and were committed to positively influencing their world.  And so shall it be with us today...and each day!!!

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