Monday, May 11, 2009

1 Chron 28-2 Chron 1

Day 131

Chapter 28   David hands off his plans for the Temple to his son, Solomon.  David tells Solomon and the people that God's own hand wrote the plans he is sharing with them.  Perhaps God actually "inscribed" his directives as he "inscribed" the commandments for Moses.  Then  I love the verses 9-10,,,,,,if you seek Him, you will find wait, it says He will find you...YOU WILL BE FOUND.  But if you forsake him, He will reject you forever.   David tells Solomon not to be afraid for his God will be with you...HE will not fail you or forsake him until the work of the Temple is finished.  

Our lesson:  be strong and courageous.  This is a call to spiritual commitment and Solomon is meant to be a model for all believers, especially as they receive the torch of faith from the previous generation.  Live your life as an open book to God.   

Chapter 29 Gifts for the Temple and public praise .....David is asking for the community of faith to share in the cost of building the Temple.  They respond positively to his appeal then the king gives thanks to the Lord and whole community responds by celebrating in worship.  David's reign is over and he is eulogized the chronicler.  

Our lesson:  the Lord is sovereign; the people are insignificant but are greatly caught up in God's great purpose.  There are 2 types of prayers here:  prayers of praise and a plea for God's help.  We need both types!!!

2 Chron 1  As we recall from the books of Samuel, Solomon can ask for anything from the Lord. He doesn't ask for wealth and riches.....he asks for wisdom and knowledge and in return, receives that AND wealth and riches.  

Lesson here:  seek God and receive blessings...more than you can ever imagine.  

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