Thursday, May 7, 2009

1 Chron 15-17

Day 127

Today is the National Day of Prayer. AND its Hannalee's 10 month birthday! OH wow.......2 more months and she'll be 1 year old!!! YIKES!!!  Where did that year go?   Oh man......

chapter 15  So the ark has made it to Jerusalem....without anyone else touching it and dying!!!  It had been in Obed-edom's house for 3 months and David brings the ark to Jerusalem and installs it in the tent he has had made for God.  The original tent of God (the Tabernacle) and altar remain at Gibeon.   The Chronicler details the role of the Levites in the ceremony.  David and the Levites wear t he special clothes required.  Proper worship is characterized by both order and joy.  

What I wonder was this:  What was up with David's wife, Michal??!  She sat and watched him from a window, celebrating and dancing, and she despised him?  Whatever!!!  The ark is back where it belongs...with its people. (scroll down to see the pic below).  The people dance and rejoice...she has no joy in the presence of the Lord...she is alone  and lonely...she doesn't know the true presence of the Lord!  May we NOT be like her!!!!  

chapter 16 what a great long list of praise and thanksgiving to God...and its not even November!  This is a compilation of different psalms all in one:
Psalms 105: 8-22; 
106: 34-36
What would YOUR list look like of praise and thanksgiving?  Would it be THIS long?  Hum....

Chapter 17 So David isn't going to get to build the temple for God that he wanted to.  It will be his son that will do that.   David shares his hearts desire with Nathan, but God gives Nathan directions for David and God has a different plan.    Nathan's words are prophetic and change in direction....David isn't the one to build the temple.  His son gets that privilege....David maybe was disappointed, but David receives a greater promise from God:  David's house and throne will last forever!  David didn't respond with pride or arrogance...he responded with humility.  From David's lineage will come the Messiah, the eternal King, our Savior of the world!!!  

tomorrow:  18-21

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