Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 Chron 9-12

Day 134

JJ sang at church last night...I wish I knew how to get the video uploaded to the blog.  But  I don't.  There weren't any clips that will make me money off of America's funniest home videos, but he was just cute and sweet.   He can't say his "s" sound all of the really, JJ was inging last night! :)  

God made the sun, 
God made the trees, 
God made everyone and 
God made me! 

Thank you God for the sun,
Thank you God for the trees,
Thank you God for everyone,
And thank you God for me!  

Then say sang Twinkle, Twinkle......I thought they were going to sing Jesus Loves Me but that was cute too!   

Chapter 9    Solomon's reign and life quickly comes to a close.  There is an emphasis on his wealth, wisdom, and international fame!  So far we've been "re-reading" almost the same exact story as we found in 1 Kings...why?  I don't know.  Perhaps it was about nostalgia for the writer.  Perhpas the prosperity of Solomon was an affirmation of God's love for Israel and they wanted to remember that aspect with clarity.  Solomon's glory was also a reminder, or lesson learned, that his royal glory was about getting a glimpse of the kingdom of God in that.....God's king would rule forever...the hope and trust we have in Jesus....the eternal King.  

Chapter 10  King Rehoboam's reign was a spiritual roller coaster!  He didn't listen to his advisor's and lost most of his kingdom off the bat!  He wanted to put a heavier yoke on the people...when the people had asked him to lighten it.  His ego and led to a disaster.  Rehoboam rejected Solomon's advisers and put into great light again the reminder of Solomon's great glory and reign....he was played against, even in his death, Rehoboam.  The bottom line, power went to Rehoboam's head!  He lacked respect for others and put his foot down like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum....hum...I wonder where I got THAT analogy?! :)

Chapter 11  Oh we go again......fearing that the north will succumb to Rehoboam if they travel south to Jerusalem to worship at the Temple......Jeroboam sets  up  high place in the northern, no, no, no.........have they learned nothing??!!  HE acted foolishly by setting up idols and false worship centers by appointing counterfeit priests.  WRONG!!!! :)  many people, including priests, abandon Jeroboam and go to Jerusalem to support king Rehoboam for a woooping 3 years...but then he too abandons God after a all of them. We think, "how could they?!  Abandon God? I'd never do that?!"  But don't our own ways of giving into cultural norms and not sticking tight to Christian principles?  Hum......  seems that Rehoboam only follows God when everything is going well.....lesson learned.....

Chapter 12  Rehoboam and "all Israel" abdondon God and suffer negative consequences.  

tomorrow:  13-17

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