Sunday, May 3, 2009

1 Chron 6

Day 122

Sleep!  In our own bed...without JJ in it!! Ahhhhhh!  AND, Miss Hannalee slept good too.  Now...why can't that happen every night??!  Oh well.....take what I can.  I invented a new family thing last night.... a "prayer drive."  We had gone out to eat with my in laws and it was a cold and cloudy evening and I wanted to just go drive around (plus it was too cold and wet for a prayer walk.) So then I thought we'll drive by friends houses and as we go by we'll say prayers for them.  So....we did.  That was our prayer drive!  

Chapter 6  The priestly tribe of Levi......some perform their priestly duties in the temple but others are singers.  Me and Dusty would be in THAT group....if we were Levites.To be a priest they were from the line of Aaron.  Territory allotted to Levitical  clans before the Levites had become a priestly tribe were supported by other Israelites and didn't need land (Joshua 21). 

Not much else here really.......  now you've got extra time to finish your coffee! :)   

Dusty has one thought/question.....JJ and I were in a store yesterday and Dusty stayed in the car with a napping Hannalee.......he was wondering how in the world the scientists think we came from apes??  How can they really believe that?   Who do they think named the apes?   Adam did all the who do those scientist named the apes?    Just thinking........ :)

Love you all!   


  1. From my Bible: Life Application Topic--FAMILY--
    God's purposefulness guides the generations. For the Chronicler, Adam was no one's son but an act of God. The fact that there is a subsequent trail of anguish, aging, and death reveals the problem with human existence. God then labored for generations, through Abraham, Israel, David, and Solomon; eventually Jesus reveals God's relentless grace to set things right. Family chronicles also trace our roots and shoots, our tribes and our allegiances. We research them and hang them in our living room. But do we see the purposefulness of God that ties parent to child over the centuries? Our surname is precious. Our given name is more precious still.

  2. And...Shannan you are pure proof that we came from God not from apes...a prayer ride. Where did that come from but from God! How neat! I'm sure JJ had a good prayer.