Sunday, May 10, 2009

1 Chron 26-28

Day 130

Happy Mother's Day to all of you fabulous mothers!!!  You are  awesome and loved!  Especially mine!!!     ;)

Chapter 26  Just another loooooooong list of names....these first names are the gate keepers and are temple officers....treasurers, clerks magistrates, etc.  These were also decided by casting lots. And the firstborn was very important and enjoyed special privileges and responsibilities.  We are not old why Hosah appoints the firstborn inheritance to Shimri, a younger son.  But we do know that the firstborn could sell his inheritance rights, as Esau did in Genesis.  Jesus was the firstborn of Mary and the first born of God and the firstborn from among the dead (Col. 1:18).  WE have privileges as firstborn children of God.

Chapter 27  The army is divided into 12 months....24,000 men for each month were to be on active duty.  In verses 23-24, I was confused about the counting of the men......David was determined to count them and God was mad that he did!  Perhaps God was worried (?!) that David was trusting too much in the vast numbers of the army, rather than to trust in God to provide for him.  The victory is in the power of God....not the strength of the army.   That is our remember and draw upon God's power.....not to simply trust ourselves.  

Chapter 28  The long list of names is finally interrupted again to bring us the actual story!  I think the pages fell off the  desk of the writer and the wind blew the pages....okay...stone tablets, around and these are out of order.  But back to the story........David is making way for Solomon and a formal public assembly marks Solomon's official coronation.  David presents his son to the people and gives hims a solemn charge before committing the plans for the Temple to his care.   But I ask this question........are they David's plans  OR God's plans??   I tell you, like with anything with God, it is God's Spirit the controls the process and the results honor Him and not human work.  How will you honor God this week?   Will you let your plans be His plans?

Tomorrow:  1 chron 28-2 Chron 1

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