Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1 Chron 9-11

Day 125

So Teacup has a new permanent home!!!!  I think THEY are calling her Foxy....or.....I can't remember.  One of the teachers from Dusty's school took it home with her 2 little dogs...she now has 3 house dogs...all that could fit in a purse.  I've seen her carry one in a dog carrier/purse!!  So all is right with Teacups little life now!  

Chapter 9 More names. I think this is the last chapter of the long list of names.  Shew!! That was hard reading!!  The gatekeepers are from the tribe of Levites who have the distinct duties of collecting the offering at the door of the temple.  They protect and guard the doorways to the house of the Lord around the clock.  They also protect the storerooms and treasuries.  Doesn't sound like a glorified job, but nothing is menial in the work of the Lord.  

Chapter 10-11  So the genealogies are left behind and we are back into the history of the southern kingdom of Judah.  This book is written to focus on the southern kingdom, especially the godly reign of David. With this goal in min,d the written omits some facts in David's life that are included in the book of Kings.  THIS book is written to encourage the recently released Jewish captives, who question  whether God's covenant is still relevant to them.  They are given reason to believe God will be with them as he was with King David.  Though they made sinful choices, God still offers love and forgiveness and they can move on!  What d o you need to be forgiven of?  What do you need to ask for forgiveness for?  do it.  receive it. and move on! :)  

tomorrow:  12-14

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