Friday, May 8, 2009

1 Chron 18-21

Day 128

today is track day at Dusty's school......what we used to call "little olympics."  And they let little kids that aren't in school  run before everyone else....meaning, JJ!!!!!   :)  So JJ gets to run a 20 yard (???) dash this morning!  He has no clue w hat it means, so we'll see what he does!!  He said he was going to knock them over, run fast and get the ribbon.   I thought, "what in the world??!"   I told him there will be no knocking over.  Then I thought and said, " aren't playing football!!"  He said, Ohhhh!  I'll just run fast.  RIGHT!! NO KNOCKING OVER!! Oh me!! We'll see.  I'll have the cameras ready!!  Gotta hurry and get there!!! Blog, feed and dress 2 kids, pack sunscreen, a diaper bag, get the stroller, feed the dog, and decide if I'm actually going to wear the jeans I can now fit into after 2 years....they zipped!  Might not look the best on me...but they zipped!!! They didn't 2 weeks ago!    

Chapters 18-20 David victories.....its all about expanding the kingdom!!!  David is preparing the way for a great kingdom and for Solomon, his son, to have a peaceful reign.   As we will learn later, there are no wars during Solomon's rule......allowing him to eventually build God's house as a "man of rest and peace."  

Chapter 21 Angels have served as messengers throughout history.  The  come to earth for different this chapter, God sends them as punishment for his own people.  Both David and the people have sinned and a just God cannot ignore it.  Punishment is inevitable. However, when God sees the angel actually raise the sword,, he is "grieved because of the calamity" (v. 15) and stops the angel he had sent.  A difficult chapter to read, but a just and merciful God...that changes His mind??! HUM.....ponder that today.   

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