Monday, May 18, 2009

2 Chron 25-27

Day 138 I slacked off for 2 days .......still reading......just not blogging.....about the same kings, about the same good or not so good they did in the eyes of the Lord, about the land they are fighting, I'm back today though....ready to finish this section.......but I'm totally excited about the winner of Survivor!!!!!!  I thought he was a nice guy and played good.....way to go JT!!! :)   

Chapter 25 Amaziah has a cruel victory over Edom which leads to his own downfall.  He provokes King Johash of Israel saying "come and meet me face to face."  But Jehoash responds with a snotty allegory about the 2 nations......"my kingdom is as mighty as a cedar tree....yours is a whimpy thistle plant!"  naw-naw-naw-naw-naw-naw!!!!!!  Amaziah was threatening Jehoash, but he responds and do'nt try and take us'll be crushed.  Stay home and live!! :)  

Chapter 26  Uzziah, the same guy as Azariah in 2 Kings, WHY I don't know, but he's a creative and successful leader.  He builds up cities and becomes well known for his agricultural talents during his 52 years of reign.  Most of the time, he does follow God and God helps him succeed.  But he begins to think that HE is the success and power.....not God.  Uzziah thinks that his own ideas are better than God's.He is confronted with his sin and instead of repenting, he rages and his pride prevents him from admitting the truth!! In the end.....Uzziah is not remembered for being a great and gifted leader.....he is only remembered as  the leprous king.    

Chapter 27  Jotham proves to be a "good" king who was faithful to God.  He maintains and increases his father's power, adding Ammon to his list of cities in his reign.  He walked steadfastly with the Lord....are you?   Are you running ahead of him?  Or his is dragging you from behind trying to get you to catch up to Himself?   Or are you walking side by side in His will?  

tomorrow:   28-31

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