Monday, May 4, 2009

1 Chron 7-8

Day 124   -- I think my counting is VERY messed up.....but I really think that today is #124.  :)

We found a dog.  I found a dog.   I was driving up the hill on our busy road and thought that there was a raccoon in front of its a a dog.  A very little dog.  I kept driving up the hill to our drive, stopped, got out and picked  it up.  Called the neighbor down the hill thinking it might be theirs....came out from there.  Nope...not theirs.  Called Dusty.  I found a dog.  I'll be home.  Its a Pomeranian and she's CUTE!!! She literally only weighs 2 pounds. I have a 3 pound hand's heavier than she is!!  We called the "neighbors" across the creek bottom.  No....we called the vet across the  We've now named her "Teacup" because she's so small.  Choco thought she was a chew toy and friend to play with.  JJ thought we had a new puppy. Dusty drove up to every house on our road and asked them.  One one home.  Others...nope.  No missing dog.  We fixed her a place up to stay in the laundry room while we went to church.  Went to church.  Saw the guy that's developed our addition.....asked him...asked his parents who are our neighbors two houses down. OH ya....its Brandon and so and so's dog.  OH goooooood! We found her home!!!!!!  Straight home to take her home!  We pull up in the drive.....the guy was in the garage.  Dusty kinda held her up thinking he would see the dog from the car and be excited.  He looked down.  Dusty got out.  HEY!!! Look missing a dog?!!  I'm watching from the car while feeding Hannalee.  I'm thinking...the guy still isn't holding the dog or taking it from Dusty.  Dusty's still talking and still holding that guy's dog.  Finally the guy takes her and Dusty turns around and gives me a look like, "that's weird!!!"  Dusty left the dog and got in the car and we drive down the road 4 houses to our home, all the while Dusty saying "they don't want the dog.  The guy asked me if we wanted it.  They have too many kids to take care of it.  They aren't going to keep her."  Then I"m saying, after calling the guy a few choice not so nice names, that you don't get rid of a dog by letting her run away and TRYING to loose her!!!!!!!  I was livid!!! I was shocked! They were letting her run away and NOT trying to find her because they didn't want her.  They had done the same thing a couple of days earlier....that is how the other neighbors knew whose dog it was, but they didn't know they didn't want her. So I made Dusty go back and get the dog we just returned to the owners.  If they didn't want it, and were going to let it starve to death or get run over, then for pete's sake we'll at least keep her and feed her until we find a home for her.  They said she poops in the floor.  Well, yes.....if you don't take care of them and don't train them, they'll do that.   Plus...she's only 6 months old.   AND!!! Here's the sentence that was the kicker for me --"well, the dog is so small that our four year old has started throwing her!!!!"  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! Do you know HOW MANY things are wrong with that statement?!!! The problem is not the dog. The problem is probably not even the terrible 4 year that is throwing the dog.  The problem my friends are the stupid and irresponsible parents! THAT is the problem!! OH MY STARS!!! So, Teacup is not here.  In the midst of all of this Dusty took her to his sister...she kept her last night and we are calling someone who "rescues" dogs and finds foster homes for them until she can get them a permanent home.  So Teacup will be somewhere else today.  How does that stupid family think that you can get rid of a dog by just letting it go.  Its a 2 pound dog....its a $300 dog!!!!  They didn't even bother to just drive the dog to the pound!!!!!  How was that never an option for them???!! OH MY......Jesus come quickly!! :)  

Okay...chapter 7-8......... not much here.....just more names....but we do have Zelophehad...he only had daughters.....and Sheerah )She-rah!?)  built not one, not two, but THREE cities!!! What a woman!! Can you believe it?!!! Such an unusual activity that is usually the domain of men!!!   She should be an inspiration to all us  to use our God given abilities to fulfill not only just cultural expectations but God's divine purpose.  What is yours???   

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  1. At least someone has some compassion...You, thank goodness.