Friday, May 29, 2009

Nehemiah 10-11

Day 149

Well.....we've been without internet ALL DAY pretty much!!    It's finally back on, kids are in bed.  So, here at 8:20 I"m blogging......8:20PM!! :)  

Chapter 10  Well, I think in yesterday's blog I got a bit ahead of myself because this is the  chapter where the people reaffirm the covenant and sign, seal and deliver it!  :) They've got an oath and a curse though now.  The oath is that they have made many promises to God.  The curse is that they have to keep them now.  They will have to choose how they will live....with honesty, purity and integrity.  What are the odds that they, like we, are going to keep the promises?  They live with such intention and hope and determination to keep the promises,but no matter how hard they try, they just can't do it.  And neither can we.  We all try.  We all mean well.   We just fail.  Why?  Because we are human!!!  That's it.  We just can't be perfect.  We just have to ask for forgiveness and start all over again.   

Chapter 11  Another list!  These are the people probably living in Jerusalem.    These are not just refugees, these are descendants of Joshua and the high priests.   This is just a random list.  The names have been preserved because the people are conscious of their roots.....who they are, where they come from and WHOSE they are!  They are well aware of who they are in God's company.  Never forget who you are and WHOSE you are!!  Be God's!  :)

Tomorrow:  chapters 12-13 to finish Nehemiah....isn't he great!!  :)  

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