Saturday, May 9, 2009

1 Chron 22-24

Day 129

Well.......JJ won 3rd place in the little 3 year old race at Dusty's school yesterday.  We was excited.  He got beat by a girl!! A tall 4 year old girl!!!  But that wasn't the point...he had fun and we have a great white ribbon on our fridge!!!  It was fun!  I'm off to scrapbook this morning. Looking forward to that.  I guess that is my mother's day present! :) 

And!! I have to quickly comment on prom last night.  We went.   We ate.  We gawked.  The kids these days....oh my! Did I really just say that??!!  Some traditional dresses and still looks like prom.  But some were shorter than a nightgown with YELLOW converse tennis shoes!  It was cute though.  Then...some of the  dresses looked like long flowing gowns from the 60's or 70's.  I did like those are just funny! I remember my first prom......BIG POOOOOFY PINK FRILLY thing.....with gloves!  I thought it was fabulous!  It was.  25 years ago! 

Chapter 22  So they are making preparations for the building of the temple was really of David's heart to build the temple....but God had told him that it would be Solomon who would build it.  I've been feeling bad for David in that he wouldn't get to build it.  But as we were reading last night I realized WHY not David and why Solomon.  Its in verse 8, David had shed too much blood and had been in too many wars!  Therefore, he would not be able to build a temple for the Lord. But Solomon, whose name means peace, will build it.  Solomon will live out the peaceful meaning of his name.  This peace and tranquility and being right with God will foreshadow the permanent peace that comes with Jesus...the Prince of Peace.  

Chapter 23  The Levites had their duties and David organizes them according to such.  Luckily enough for them...they wouldn't have to CARRY the tabernacle anymore.  Now they just had to guard the doors and gates.  There were in charge of the purification, the bread, the offerings......they were to serve before the Lord.

Chapter 24 the priests and their duties were in groups of 24--all tracing back their family lines to Moses' brother Aaron....the first high priest.  They were each in charge of the Temple for 2 weeks out of the year....this was decided by lots.  Deciding things by lots happens "lots" in the Bible....when the promise land was divided; when Saul was chosen as king; and when the tasks of the priests were assigned.  

tomorrow:  David the musician in chapters 25-27

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