Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nehemiah 8-9

Day 148 the hair doesn't look EXACTLY like what I had envisioned, but its good.....shorter and easier! THAT was the goal!

AND....we didn't finish the book of Nehemiah.  There are still more chapters! Sorry.  

Chapter 8 The wall is complete and the people realize they have participated in a wonderful, if not miraculous, event!  They respond by wanting more of God...wanting to know what God wants of them so they ask Ezra to read God's law.  ALL the people are assembled to hear this reading.  Ezra stands on a platform and opens the book to read.  Ezra praises God and the people shout and lift their arms in praise yelling AMEN!!!!    Verse 10 says the day was sacred and the joy of the Lord is their strength!! Good and great holy words to hold on to!!!!  T he people realize, throughout the reading, how far they have failed God and strayed from His word.  They are greatly grieved.  

Chapter 9    The Israelites confess their sin and repent.  Their repentance is genuine and the wrongs are righted and the people turn to God in confession and worship.  The people recall all of God's work of creation, recalls his loving and faithful dealings with their rebellious actions since the days of Abraham!  They sign a covenant and make promises of marriage, sabbath, and taxes, tithes and offerings....they "will obey all the Lord commands."  They have promised not to neglect the House of God.!   What do YOU promise to God today?

tomorrow:  chapters 10-11

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  1. It looks good!
    And, we are liking Nehemiah.