Thursday, June 18, 2009

Psalm 9-20

Day 159

Well....I'm at my mom's for the day. My daddy has been cutting wheat and rye and we had to get JJ over here to drive the combine with Papa John!! They've been to the John Deere store...where they were "only going to buy combine parts" but came home with that AND ANOTHER little tractor and anhydrous ammonia to hook up to it!!! Papa is a softie!!! :) Then they cut a little rye and put it in a bucket to take to the coop to see if it was ready....daddy knew it really wasn't....but I think he did it just for JJ! Then since they couldn't cut it, they went across the road to plow up weeds where daddy cut yesterday. B y then me, Dusty, and Hannalee all got a nap and then Meme took JJ for a ride on the gator.................ALLL over the farm. Now daddy's plowing by himself and JJ is playing tractors with Meme here in the house in the air conditioning.

So I'm blogging...without any "resources" and will use mom's John Wesley Bible and its footnotes!!

Psalm 9 The next several psalms are an acrostic poem...if you could read it that way in Hebrew! :) The successive lines start with each Hebrew letter in alphabetical order. Verses 1-12 are a song of praise for God's victory over worldly forces.

Psalm 10 The psalmist is wondering why God seems far away when enemies are near. There is a plea for God's attention and salvation.

Psalm 11 This is an affirmation of God's saving power.

Psalm 12 A prayer for those in oppressed community feels utterly alone, surrounded by liars. There is a plea to God for silence to that which is causing the oppression.

Psalm 13 A plea for God to remember and rescue.....the psalmist pleads for God to answer his prayer and details the disastrous results if God were to remain inactive.

Psalm 14 A reflection on wickedness and unbelief.

Psalm 15 a prescription for out and read again the 3 positive statements that are followed by the 3 negative statements in v. 3. A holy person not only words for the preservation of the community but also can discern whether others are acting "wickedly" or not.

Psalm 16 A refugee's song. the psalmist expresses confidence that God will not allow him to suffer an untimely or violent death.

Psalm 17 A plea of the righteous in danger.

Psalm 18 a royal thanksgiving for victory....a pledge of love to God.

Psalm 19 a celebration of God's order....the heavenly bodies.....God's order and power.

Psalm 20 a intercession for the king.

tomorrow: more catching up.....Psalm 21-27

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  1. Don't you hear this song here in verse 18???
    I will call upon the Lord
    Who is worthy to be praised
    So shall I be saved from my enemies
    I will call upon the Lord.
    The Lord liveth and blessed be the Rock
    And let the God of my salvation be exalted.